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BQA Program

Hello everyone! It has been some time since I have made my last blog post. This week’s post is dedicated to the BQA Program.


The BQA Program has helped our farm in numerous ways. Both Kevin and I have our BQA certification and we share a common understanding of herd health, handling techniques, and the overall daily operations on our cattle farm. The BQA Program has worked hard to invest in the cattle industry to not only educate farmers, the general public, and the consumer but they have promoted the industry while doing so. When I hear the letters “BQA”, I think of a strong program that invests time, money, and energy into making the cattle industry the best that it can possibly be. This program has expanded our record keeping skills and increased our general management practices. As a cattle farmer, I try to use my “BQA Brain” as I […]

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Merry Christmas from Circle R Cattle Company

Well, its that time a year again. Time for family, friends, trees, sweets, candy canes, presents, pine cones, christmas lights, and of course calving season. Kevin and I are enjoying this time of year. I am enjoying a break from work to be here on the farm and get things done around here.

So far on my break, I have worked in my sheep pasture on the fence lines, cleaned out the shop, and ran a few farm errands like getting lamb show feed and fencing supplies.

We also just got a new heifer on Friday from Bramblett Angus in Hartwell, Georgia. This is a picture of her from this morning trying to see if there was anything left in the bucket. Unfortunately for her there was not.


We also have had a rooster living on the farm for the past month, but I have him sold and

he will […]

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Calving Season Among Us

Greetings from Circle R! The Thanksgiving holidays are upon us which means for us that calving season is among us. So far we have two baby calves. The first one was born about a week ago before he was moved to our farm, Clem, a black bull Angus calf. But the FIRST calf on Circle R was born yesterday. The  heifer calf, Bluebelle, is found in the picture below.

We have four other mama cows that are pregnant that should be calving in the next two weeks. Some of the cows are springing up, swelling in their vulvas, and forming a full udder.

The heifers are excited about taking it easy on the farm and taking a break from the stock show life.

Happy Thanksgiving to  your family from ours! Remember to be thankful for the wonderful ranch and farm life that God has blessed us with. Not everyone is as […]

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October’s Showers of Blessings

Over the course of the past few weeks we have had many showers of blessings. Okay, so I cannot forget about all the actual showers we have had too.

In the month of October, we had some exciting times at cow shows. Our heifers have matured and filled out more. Addy, my favorite, a Momentum heifer, won reserve grand champion at the Union County fair. She and the showman, Dustin Collier are pictured below.


At the Upchurch Angus sale, we averaged $4,050 on bulls, $4,700 on bred cows, and $3,200 on open heifers. Great results for Circle R/Mondanock Ranch/Upchurch Angus. We took our nephew, Ben to the sale in Alabama with us.

SC State Fair went well also, we hadthree angus heifers in the show. Addy and Missy were in the top half of their class.


Lastly, we had a beautiful baby niece born to my sister-in-law, Christine and her husband Brian. The baby […]

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Not just your average cattle sale

This weekend we will be attending a cattle sale in Lineville, AL at Upchurch Angus Farm. Jason and BriAnna Upchurch are one of our cattle partners along with my father-in-law, Marc Renwick. We will be exhibiting and showing cattle at a local county show this Friday night. Then we hope to get a few hours of sleep before heading to Alabama.

We have five bulls and five females in the sale in conjunction with the Upchurch’s. The feature bull is listed as Lot 1. He is Upchurch Everlasting 253 MR and a bull that is owned by the Renwick’s as well as the Upchurch’s. I like this bull for numerous reasons. First of all, he has a low birth weight (-0.7) and high calving ease direct (+9) which makes he great for virgin heifers as well as adult cattle. He is also a great bull to add pounds to your herd with […]

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Bright Industry–even on a cloudy day

The rain has been coming down for 4 days now. Totaling approximately 4 inches or so on the farm. This is good for the grass in our pastures. However, it has been too wet to do much of anything. We spent the weekend at a cow show, Anderson County Show. We visited with friends and family there.

As things have been slow on the farm due to the weather, it makes me think about all the things that we still have yet to do. We are waiting on results for 7 soil samples. After we get those results we will begin treating the soil. We know lime will be needed, but other than that it is a guessing game until we see the soil analysis results.

Fall has officially arrived, the leaves are changing colors, the presence of the wind is strong, and the air is chillier than it has been in […]

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Why farm, you say?

Some people ask why we farm. Some wonder why we would choose to spend our time and money doing things on the farm. We go to cattle shows, cow sales, agriculture meetings and conferences, farm shows and tours, and even our vacations (and honeymoons) revolve around farming.

The best way I can put it is that farming is in our blood. I wake up every morning and thank God that he allows me to be involved in the agricultural industry. Not only do I get to educate the future farmers of America, but I get to practice what I preach in class and I get to own a farm of my own.

I love reading ag magazines, surfing the web and social media to learn more about ag, and I even admit to having applications on my phone that relate to agriculture. My students will testify to how much of a nerd […]

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Welcome to the farm

Good afternoon cattle folks! Over the past few weeks, Kevin and I have been very busy moving into our new house and working on fence. So far we about 80% of the fence work done. Whewww, what a relief. Fencing isn’t all that bad, but we are so anxious to get some black angus cows on the farm that we cannot stand it. We work on the fence on the weekends when we do not have cattle shows. We have three heifers that are being shown  at local and state shows this year. We enjoy going to the shows to watch the 4-H and FFA students and support them. I love blowing, clipping, grooming, and fitting show cattle!

We have enjoyed having our family and friends over to see our new home and farm. So far, my parents and grandparents, aunt and uncle have been over along with his daddy. Everyone […]

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