Why farm, you say?

Some people ask why we farm. Some wonder why we would choose to spend our time and money doing things on the farm. We go to cattle shows, cow sales, agriculture meetings and conferences, farm shows and tours, and even our vacations (and honeymoons) revolve around farming.

The best way I can put it is that farming is in our blood. I wake up every morning and thank God that he allows me to be involved in the agricultural industry. Not only do I get to educate the future farmers of America, but I get to practice what I preach in class and I get to own a farm of my own.

I love reading ag magazines, surfing the web and social media to learn more about ag, and I even admit to having applications on my phone that relate to agriculture. My students will testify to how much of a nerd I am when it comes to ag.

Farming is not for everyone. In fact only a few percent of Americans are farmers. However you do not have to own livestock or poultry or farm at all to support the agricultural industry. Your food, clothing, and housing are all products of agriculture. You can be an advocate for agriculture no matter who you are and where you live.

Farmers are unique individuals that want to change the world day by day. We  do weird things like: get up before dawn, feed our animals before we feed ourselves, plan our day around the chores on the farm, and budget our finances so we can farm.

Farmers have the best job in the world. We get to spend each and every day with God and his creations. If that isn’t a perfect job then I don’t know what is.

Comment with reasons why you farm.


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