Bright Industry–even on a cloudy day

The rain has been coming down for 4 days now. Totaling approximately 4 inches or so on the farm. This is good for the grass in our pastures. However, it has been too wet to do much of anything. We spent the weekend at a cow show, Anderson County Show. We visited with friends and family there.

As things have been slow on the farm due to the weather, it makes me think about all the things that we still have yet to do. We are waiting on results for 7 soil samples. After we get those results we will begin treating the soil. We know lime will be needed, but other than that it is a guessing game until we see the soil analysis results.

Fall has officially arrived, the leaves are changing colors, the presence of the wind is strong, and the air is chillier than it has been in a long while. Fall is my favorite season for some many reasons. Pumpkins, pumpkin spice, mums, pansies, leaves changing colors, football (clemson and OK State , of course), cattle shows, state fair, and  I could keep on going. I’m thankful for the opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful time of the year. But it will be gone before we know it. The preacher said this morning “13 Sunday’s until Christmas”. The next 13 weeks will be busy on the farm. We have a wide array of tasks to complete and we are excited to see what kind of progress we can make.


People in our area are just now starting to harvest their corn crops and get another crop in the ground. Cattle are being sold–just at a lower market price. Gas/fuel prices are decreasing and feed prices are doing their typical thing. The agriculture industry is still bright, even on this cloudy day.

I will end with this verse, “The hard-working farmer ought to be the first to receive his share of the crops” from 2 Timothy 2:6. Remember that through the rain, shine, bad days, good days, droughts, low market prices, and even high market prices to give all the glory and honor to God above that provides you with the opportunity to do something you love.


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