Word from the Farmers…

Wow, it has been a while since we have blogged. So much to catch up on, literally. Lots of exciting things going on at Circle R Cattle Company during the month of September. Let’s take a minute to recap here….

1. Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Irma— Unfornuately, she reared her face here. Four down trees, debris, and 50 hours with no power. Super thankful for a kind neighbor who let us shower at his place and even helped cut down some trees. And another kind neighbor in the opposite direction, they allowed us to store our frozen goods in their freezer. Thank God for good hearted people!

2. Planting Season- Kevin spent a day no tilling rye and ryegrass for winter grazing. Really in desperate need for some rain so our crop doesn’t fail us right out of the gate. This is the second year that we have no tilled on our farm and we really enjoy that extra forage.

3. Spreading lime- As we speak, we have a guy spreading lime on the pastures. Getting the pH of the soil in check is huge key factor in having the best grazing. When the pH is out of line in a pasture it makes for weak grazing area. We like to soil sample our pastures and fields to make sure that we are giving them the TLC they need in order to raise high quality beef cattle genetics in our herd.

4. Selling bulls and heifers- We just sold a bull to a friend in Tennessee but we have a few more registered Black Angus Bulls left and even a Sim-Angus. Also have registered and commerical black angus females 10-13 months old for sale as well.

5. Cow shows- It is cow show season in South Carolina. We had our county show earlier in the month and our Champion Hill Georgina won first in her class. She is a feminine, long bodied, docile female from a strong line of Angus genetics that I love.



Lucas Latham showing “Gina”— our Champion Hill Georgina Female.



6. Fun stuff- So it’s been a month of hard work and labor buttttttt we have also made some room for fun. Two hikes, apple orchard, shopping, new restaurants, watching football games with friends, and even a wedding. We do get off the farm every now and then!

We are in gear for another productive week! Lime to be spread, animals to be sold, and another cow show this weekend. God is good!

Let us know how we can help you at Circle R Cattle Company.

                                          And stay tuned for or a SAV Classified baby calf that is due the first week of October (next week) from our donor cow. Pictures will follow 🙂 

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