Fruits of your Labor

November is the month where the fruits of your labor are finally revealed. All the breeding decisions that you made the previous year, well they are finally eligible for discussion. It’s the time when you discover if your matings are as great in real life as you had imagined in your head and on paper. This is the time in which cattle producers have the opportunity to brag on their good matings and share with other producers. Personally, we love hearing about matings that go right!

And the thing about calving season is that in 40-60 days later you will be in breeding season. And if you are anything like us, breeding season decisions are made almost year round. We look at bulls in catalogs, on our phones, and offspring of certain bulls at other producers farms. We study on these sires phenotype and genotype and see what other farms are using these sires as well. Seeing offspring of the sires help us to determine the potential of the bull and how well we think he would perform on our cattle.

Not going to lie here…. sometimes we sit on the couch, in the bed, or at our big farmhouse table and discuss cattle by taking catalogs, websites, and information we have at hand. Then we make lists upon lists of what sires we like and what sires would work well for us. We pick apart the sires and look for all weaknesses and strengths. We only want the best for our herd and the herds of our customers.

Currently, we have some heifers (Registered angus and commerical) that are for sale. We also have a few bulls left as well (all Registered angus). 

Please email us, call or text us, or come see us on the farm!

We appreciate your support and your business.

Have a great week! 


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